The Holiest Bible Ever: Being God - CoverThe Holiest Bible Ever is… well, if not the Holiest per se, certainly it’s the funniest, and who doesn’t need a laugh these days? Much mirth in store here, as God battles with his greatest creation, Man – the most dastardly blend of cunning and idiocy.

All the famed brother-killers and cousin-lovers are here, not to mention the truth of Sodom & Gomorrah, how the Tower of Babel really met its end, and the hilarious running battle of wits between Moses and Pharaoh.

Free indulgence offered with purchase of this book (while stocks last).

YarnsYarns follows the lives of honest hard-working folk out West. There’s coffin-switching, squirrel-catching, nakedness, ham-fisted thievery, confession boxes, club lotto-rigging, and more. Much more. A Guide to Tracing, essential reading before entering the land of the natives.

If you enjoy an odd chuckle and a bit of blaggarding, this is just the book for you.

Thumbprints - CoverThumbprints is Lou Shalloo’s first foray into the published world. A series of profound short stories set in modern metropolitan Ireland that draw the reader into the protagonists’ world like nothing we’ve read in the longest time.

A happily-married woman indulges dreams of Declan Lynch. A young man clumsily recalls the rules to dating. A petty thief faces down an unexpected moral choice. A housewife deals with the unseen traps of a loving relationship.

Further books are in the pipeline from others amongst the West Clare Writers Collective. Details and updates to follow in due course.

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